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Why all the hate on Hey! Say! JUMP? Okay I know I wrote an angry post when they first formed, but I've seen the light. That's behind me now, okay, I am all for these little tykes now.

Tthe main reason I changed my mind is....... well, because there's a shining, perfect otp hidden within their midsts. Chinen/Yamada, or Chinda, as I like to call it. Don't judge, alright, their love is pure. Okay, so they're only 13 and 14, what is the big deal. I just want cute little bff-but-maybe-something-more gen fic, is that so much to ask for??

Here are the reasons you should ship Chinda too:
1. At first you feel like a pedo but then the ridiculousness of it all really starts to grow on you.
2. Okay so, on Domoto Kyoudai, they have to say which member they find annoying. Yamada says Chinen, because he likes to be spoilt. "He'll sit on peoples' laps all the time..." YAMADA SAYS IT WITH THIS SERIOUSLY LOVING FACE, OKAY. I like how this reason isn't even facetious at all, I'm totally serious.
3. It's adorable.
4. Chinen has a huge crush on Ohno--he's the reason he joined Johnny's, his favorite senpai, and his most treasured possession is an autograph board he caught from Ohno at a concert. THEREFORE if you love Arashi you should love Chinen and by default love Chinda.
5. Yamada is fucking adorable, okay. His smile could light up a room T_T
ian: "chinen would never let yamada get drunk"
ian: "yamada would never let chinen go to LA"
"their love is too pure for that shit, okay"
ian: jadskfjalks
"yamada would never form a temporary unit with shoon"
"he would never betray his love for a yamashita"

and then we just get more and more ridiculous. )

♥ Now go out there and support ♥ Chinda ♥ and write me some cute bff drabbles, okay I'll even help you out! Here are some helpful fic prompts for you:
~ VMars AU, Chinen and Yamada are Veronica and Wallace and must solve the murder of Yamada's friend, Yamashita Shoon.

~ Yamada goes to a prestigious high school; Chinen is in his last year of middle school and studying for high school entrance exams. He enlists Yamada to help him study, and then realizes he's smarter than Yamada. He plays dumb so that Yamada will keep tutoring him and they can spend more time together.

~ Chinen and Yamada are childhood friends in Victorian England, but after a dispute between their families, are torn apart. When they meet again 12 years later, how will they react?

~ When Yamada realizes Chinen can make Play-Doh come to life, he asks him to build a world that's all their own.

~ Chinen and Yamada are forced to shadow a senpai for the day--Ryo and K8. Be sure to include them being taught Kansai-ben.

~ High school AU, Yamada is a blankface cheerleader and Chinen is a choir nerd.

~ Remix of Oregon Trail, but this time with Hey! Say! JUMP.

~ After eating enchanted apples, Chinen and Yamada switch bodies, and the only way to switch back is with a kiss.


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