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koori no mamono no monogatari

the ice-cold demon's tale

I have no idea what the update schedule on this manga is like or when to expect the next chapter. Currently, Storm in Heaven is scanlating and you can find up to volume 13 chapter 1a here for download. There are 24 volumes total. I began reading this last weekend and it is AMAZING.

It's a slow moving shounen ai story about a demon whose chance encounter with a kind, young, dying man makes him realize love for the first time. My one complaint with the series is that we are now into the 13th volume and even though Ishuca (human.. kind of) loves Blood (demon) I STILL HAVE NO IDEA IF ISHUCA REALIZES THAT IT'S A ROMANTIC LOVE. Like, come on Ishuca, get with the program, more kissing please.

More seriously: One of our two heroes is Blood, a pure blooded demon -- full name He Who Spills Enemy Blood -- a badass demon who has killed hundreds of other demons! He's such a badass that assholes from the temple imprisoned him in a cave of ice where he's spent the last 60 years killing whichever poor human stopped by because he's heard of the mystical power of the Tear Jewel, a jewel that only appears at the time of a human's death.

Enter Ishuca, a dying young man. His heart is about to give out, and he has come to the cave to die. Blood is moved by the young man's kindness toward him, and when Ishuca passes away, Blood sheds a single tear.

The Tear Jewel.

Our dear Ishuca is resurrected from the dead, and the power of the Tear Jewel gives him mysterious powers, blah blah eventually people find out and it creates some problems for him and Blood. I won't say much more because we're kind of getting to that point right now in the 13th volume. Over the course of these 12 volumes, Blood falls deeper in love with Ishuca, even promising to never again kill a human. The two are so tragically perfectly in love, I don't know how to describe it. PS- it's 12 volumes and Blood still hasn't mentioned the whole Tear Jewel thing to Ishuca (he's too embarrassed!!). curious to see how that will play out.

read R-L, manga style

Along the way, Ishuca and Blood meet several friends and allies. Sellghi, a young temple monk whose encounter with Blood causes him to question temple motives and authority, Wild, a human who fell to darkness and became a demon, and Rapunzel, the man Wild has chosen to spend the rest of his life with.

(By the way, yeah they live in a tower, yeah Rapunzel has a long braid, YEAH RAPUNZEL IS THE BASIS OF THE LEGEND. It sounds ridiculous but the side story was very sweet. Or maybe it was just plain tragic. Either way, their romance is actually much more tragic than Blood and Ishuca's; in fact I think the only reason I feel that Ishuca and Blood are tragic is the tone of the manga and also, you know, star-crossed gay human/demon lovers!!!! There's a super sweet side story about Ishuca's grandmother but I won't spoil it for you. BUT IT'S REALLY AWESOME. AND YOU SHOULD READ THIS MANGA TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS.)

I think that about sums it up, so I'll leave you with one final image:

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