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Even though I should be studying, instead I have decided to elaborate on all the reasons why I love Arashi. If you find any links that don't work or have expired or whatever, just let me know and I'll fix it.

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From L-R: Sakurai Sho, Ohno Satoshi, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki; From L-R: Sakurai Sho, Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsumoto Jun, Ohno Satoshi, Aiba Masaki.
I would talk about them all individually but you have [ profile] honooko's post for that and also Tarz made one on [ profile] jandal. Also, I just found another here.

1. Iza, Now performance of "Eyes With Delight" omfg I am so in love with this song and it's all because of this performance. I do the dance whenever I listen to it, I will not lie. Also you have to dl all the individual camera shots because they're amazing but Ohno and Aiba's are the best. Ohno's because, well, he's Ohno, and he's just amazing, but Aiba because omfg it is the most adorable thing ever. He messes up and he's just like, FACEPALM T_T I think Nino forgot to get rid of his vest thingy so that's a little distracting but then at the end when they're all on the same stage together HE IS SO HAPPY AND ADORABLE god I love them all. Matsujun's camera whoreness is pretty hilarious too.

2. Sho's arms. I think this is enough said for this one. asldfj Also he's always sweating so much at concerts, more than anyone else and I FIND THIS EXTREMELY HOT idk why. I also find his dancing extremely hot. It's all so gay and yet he makes it so manly.

3. Ohno's voice. I don't care how heavenly Jin's is, OHNO'S IS LIKE, PURE ECSTASY. I admit, I fell in love with him for his voice. When I first heard Arashi songs I was like wtf who does this amazing voice belong to, and then I watched the Kitto Daijoubu vid and was like, "shit I love that dude with the bleached hair."

4. Even though Matsujun should be ugly (I thought that for the entire first season of HYD), I've come to realize he is really hot. I don't know how he pulls it off with that duck face of his, but sometimes he is just. wonderful.

5. Their dancing. Can I even tell you in words how amazing and wonderful it is? God I don't think it's possible to do it justice. Watch a few of their performances, you will understand.

6. Nino in this *_* Seriously, I just found this like a day ago but finally, my love for Nino is cemented. Him singing randomly, then Sho doing those punches whenever he did. When they held him down and put the paint on him *_* GODDD I love them. I don't think I can put into words just how much this makes me love Nino.

7. The fact that they were all tricked into being in the band. Johnny was like, "lol hay wanna go 2 hawaii" and they were like, "sure lol OH SHIT NOW WE'RE IN A BAND :("

8. Nino's pranks. They are so horrible (THE COUGHING UP BLOOD ONE) but so awesome.

9. Ohmiya. Need I say more. Well maybe I do. This, this, this, and this. ALSO, THIS POST. I really believe this is the slash pairing to end all slash pairings, mainly because it converted me to slash. sdfj I look for their ~love~ in everything Arashi does. And I can always find it, even when they are off being sluts with other members. (And might I say that's another great thing about Arashi. I SLASH THEM EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE. I mean I have my OTP but every other pairing is perfect too.) OH OH ALSO. In one of the latest Ohno interviews, he calls Nino "TOUCHING MAN," and goes on to explain how Nino is always touching him. "Nino ALWAYS touches my butt! He's always by my side. even in the changing room, he's just automatically beside me. at first, both of us doing it for fun, just to joke and disturb each other, but lately, he's like...always puts his hand there. I used to get irritated and said 'stop it!', but now, I just let it and think 'whatever'. I think it's already become his habit. But you know, if I put my hand on his butt, he'll be angry and says 'don't touch!' " --- from here. AND OMFG YOU GUYS Ohno makes drunk calls to Nino and tells him that he loves him. My OTP is wonderful.

10. Aiba's engrish. DANGER, DANGER, BACK CAR!!! Also, in addition to that video, the South African zoo thing in its entirety. ALSO, Ohno and Aiba's English lesson.

11. Moments like Odoroki. (It has been subbed here. Download Episodes 24 and 25!) aldsfj God so amazing. Like, so amazing that even my roommate who hates all this Japan stuff stopped doing her homework and started watching it with me.

12. Nino's voice. Even though he seriously needs to work on his breath control, his voice is so gorgeous :( I could listen to it all day. If he had the power behind his voice that Ohno did, I don't know how I'd ever be able to choose who had the best voice. Actually, I think his solo songs may be my favorites. They are so so so beautiful. Peaceful and and just aldskfj great. IF ONLY HE COULD GET SOME AIR IN HIS LUNGS AND SUPPORT HIS VOICE, THOUGH :( Anyways. Evidence: Kazamidori and PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE. His solos from their recent CDs are really great too :( Himitsu and Niji. AND JUST LOOK AT HIS ADORABLE DANCE FOR HIMITSU.

13. Aiba's voice. It's not as great as Nino and Ohno's, but it has this quality to it that's irresistible. Just listen to Itsuka no Summer. That's my favorite solo by him.

14. Ohno. Not because of my huge crush on him, but just Ohno himself. Seriously, no one can resist his pull. Just watch him in action. He's so out of it and just... not there at all that it's adorable. And sdfj god the fact that he's the Leader, but always says he shouldn't be. HERE LOOK, JUST READ ALL OF THIS, OKAY?? Also, he's 28 and his mother still buys his clothes. I'm dying.

15. Ohno picks solo songs based on how he can dance to them. HIS DANCING IS SUPER HOT, OBVIOUSLY I HAVE TO LOVE THIS ABOUT HIM. God lsdkfj his dancing. Watch the Iza, Now performance of TOP SECRET and you will understand, okay.

16. Nino was in a movie (Letters from Iwo Jima, if you haven't heard of this you've been living under a rock. IT'S AMAZING you should all watch it, whether you like Arashi or not) by Clint Eastwood. Leading character. How many other jpop bands can say that >:/

17. A・RA・SHI, their debut song. lsdfj God there was this clip of Nino dancing it on some tv show, looking all embarrassed, and then Aiba sang a version of it to an orangutan in order to sing it to sleep. I just lsdjfjflsdkjf it is great, okay. Some other great A・RA・SHI moments are: performing it as a punishment game on Utaban and attempting to perform it without being able to hear or see each other.

18. They wore technicolor disco suits, complete with technicolor afros. They danced on a rainbow. They danced with flying hearts. Need I say more.

19. Sho raps happy. It makes it so much less lol and more like, "omfg Arashi *_*"

20. Iza, Now performance of Right Back to You. (Can you tell I'm watching the concert now...) IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITES. This is what I mean when I talk about their dancing.

21. lsdfkj god Sho and Nino dancing together -- it's about a fourth of the way into the video. (Thank you, [ profile] terriblyangsty, for finding this video for me *_*) For that matter, when Matsujun and Ohno were dancing and grinding their hips together.

22. La Tormenta 2004. laksdfj I laugh every time it comes on my iPod. That is the video where Sho plays with his bellybutton ring... ALSO LMAO Ohno's face. Oh OHNO. I forgot how great he was in this video. Performance of it in Tokyo Dome, performance of it in Taipei. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. THEY'RE POPULAR ENOUGH THAT THEY TOURED ASIA!

23. Pink suits. Floral suits. Oh Japan *_* The things you do to me *_*

24. THIS CLIP. Go to 1:19ish. OHNO'S FACE AFTERWARDS. SO HILARIOUS. (This is that A・RA・SHI song I was talking about earlier.)

25. Their retardedness. You will quickly discover it and love it, don't worry. However, two examples: okay so this isn't that good of an example (there is a Nino/Sho hug in there though, pretty awesome), BUT. These are: this, this (if you only watch one part of this, go to 3:00), and this.

26. Sami.

27. Their variety shows. I always thought I would need subtitles to truly enjoy them, and yeah, they help, BUT THEIR RETARDEDNESS CROSSES ALL LANGUAGE BOUNDARIES. They are just wonderful. lsdfkj They have one where they go act as grandkids to these grandmas and grandpas. lasdfkjasldfkjasdfjasdf I CAN'T EVEN. I JUST. *_* In Aiba's show he gets mauled by animals (I linked this to you earlier, remember - the South Africa thing?).

28. They composed songs for each other on their 20th birthdays. This is Matsujun's, it's the only one I know of existing on youtube or anywhere else for that matter T_T Correct me if I am wrong.

29. Sho looks like a child molester when he has a mustache. Even though this is super disturbing, it's also super hilarious. (See also: any pictures from Kiiroi Namida.)

30. Sho, Matsujun, and Ohno were in a performance West Side Story. I LOVE MUSICALS. I LOVE ARASHI. GREAT COMBO. I haven't dled it yet but I'm pretty sure this'll be amazing. Even if it's not it's still another reason to love them.

31. In Iza, Now Ohno runs up to Sho and just hugs him :( Sho's face :( sldfj goddddd they are so amazing.

32. Sho is the rapper in the group. He is also the only one to have a university degree (in Economics).

33. What are their best songs, you ask (or at least, my faves)? PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE, Eyes With Delight, Hey Hey Loving You, Sakura Sake (duh), A-RA-SHI, Kitto Daijoubu (this is the dancing on a rainbow one), Wish (Hana Yori Dango theme song), Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi (this will forever be the SMILE GAY! song), Runaway Train, Naisu na Kokoroiki, Hadashi no Mirai, Love Parade (it's Frank Sinatra-esque and WONDERFUL), Lucky Man (lol), On Sunday, PIKA☆NCHI (they try to be hardxcore, it's pretty amazing), 15th Moon, Yes? No?, Subarashiki Sekai (absolutely gorgeous), Check No Muffler, La Tormenta 2004, Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono, Fight Song (omfg), Himitsu (this is Nino's solo from the one album), Rain (Ohno's solo), Ashita Ni Mukatte, Right Back to You, Sunrise Nippon, Asu Ni Mukatte Hoeru, Hero, Midori Ame, Namida no Nagareboshi (these last two are from the Kiiroi Namida soundtrack and they are really gorgeous and a different style than Arashi normally has), We Can Make It, and Di Li Li. My favorite songs from the TIME CD are: Oh Yeah!, Cry for you, Love Situation, and Everybody Zenshin. Their latest single, Happiness, is really awesome too.

34. YOU CAN TELL THEY'RE ALWAYS SINGING LIVE (or at least, almost always). *_* So amazing. I love them so much. I just. THEY SING. YOU CAN REALLY TELL. Every time I hear a little tiny mistake I'm like YESSSSS ILUGUYS. My favorite mess up is during the One concert, during Sakura Sake where Matsujun gets it SO VERY WRONG. You can see in his face he's just like, "God I sound horrible" and then after that he's like, "lol I will just suggestively let my shirt hang off me, maybe that will make people not notice how much I suck right now." Oh Matsujun.

35. Every time they appear on Utaban is hilarious because Ohno is constantly insulting Nakai (one of the hosts). Sadly there's no clip of it on youtube, but if you just search for an Utaban episode where Arashi's the guest, you'll see what I mean!

36. THEY'RE JUST GREAT, OKAY. Now here's a shitload of pictures. Please ignore my awkward resizings :(

HAVE I CONVINCED YOU YET?? I HAVE?? Good, now go to Arashian Files and download to your heart's content.

eta: PHOTOS. Credits: phasera, lozetteu, sawadashin@vox, arashirin@vox, arashi@vox, and then there are a few I found on lj and forgot to credit and also the Arashi group on facebook (WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED!). Oh and this site I randomly found lasdjf seriously I have no clue what this is, but yeah. Lots of good pictures, and not just of Arashi!

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My additions:
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